Captured Dreams

«Captured Dreams» is a collaboration between me and Dopludό Collective teammates, Karina Eibatova & Lesha Galkin. Technique: 20 pillows (45x45 cm each), 225x180 cm. 2009. The project was exhibited in Moscow during «Sretenka Design Week».

There's a question: why is it always so difficult to memorize the dreams that we have during the night?
They usually quickly escape out of our minds as if they were sneaking away and hiding the traces. If we could believe that thoughts find materiality then also our dreams might have the material shape as well. Then where do they actually disappear? Might they be stored somewhere?
They can visit our minds several times per night, and often they just slip by barely touching our consciousness for a short while.
The work "Captured Dreams" is an allegoric attempt to visualize the idea of the existence of pillows that could capture dreams and display them. As though the latent image is revealed during the photographic procession after putting it in developing chemicals..

Illustration is available as a large format print.